Social Media Feeder Volunteer


The role of the Social Media volunteer will be to assist the staff in promoting the Colorado Children's Nowruz Foundation programs and its impact on the community.

Length of Involvement:

6-12 months

Time Commitment:

Approximately 15 minutes each day, with occasional additional days to attend events.


  • Be in contact with the Creative Coordinator for any updates on upcoming events or newsfeeds.

  • Be in contact with the president for all approvals of the feeds.

  • Attend the annual Nowruz event.

  • Be knowledgeable about the Colorado Children's Nowruz Foundation's mission, programs, and events.


This role would suit someone who:

  • Has some experience of marketing and social media, either through education, work, or volunteering.

  • Is familiar with using social media and other online tools to generate interest in a business or project.

  • Is an excellent communicator.

  • Can write clearly, accurately, and succinctly.

  • We envision this person spending a short time each day (although not necessarily every day) updating social media channels. The volunteer will be expected to attend some of our events and workshops with a view to reporting on them.

  • Has an interest in promoting Iranian Arts and Cultural issues.

Success in this role is developing a social media presence with a particular focus on:

  • Keeping our social media channels updated, ideally daily.

  • Encouraging others to comment on our posts and share them with others

  • Increasing the numbers of people following our posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

  • Increasing participation in our events such as Annual Nowruz event and engagement on the Event Facebook page and others.

  • Promoting our mission and building the Colorado Children's Nowruz Foundation.

  • Setting, working towards, and reporting on social media objectives and targets.

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